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Our ETGAR building packages are the perfect foundation for planning and creating the connections for power and telecommunications in the garden of your home.

ETGAR is installed in the utility room, close to the electrical (main) or subdistributor and is cast in the concrete when the slab for your building is being poured. Flexible empty conduits run from this building services outlet under the slab in all directions of the future garden site. The ETGAR building package of course covers all the important technical requirements like the protection of buildings from moisture and radon. From this point on, you have complete flexibility in how you proceed with planning your garden.

The ETGAR extension and expansion kit are the extension kits for the ETGAR developer package. Once the house is finished, at some stage attention turns to designing the outside. Now you can simply extend the access points installed during the build phase and run them to where you want them, branch them again or simply leave them blind sealed to be able to use the access at some future point.

ETGAR building developer package for building services outlets

For buildings without a basement

For routing and distributing electric power and communication lines from the building to the surroundi…

ETGAR extension set

For ETGAR building developer package

Suitable for extending the empty conduit system of the ETGAR building developer package for building s…

ETGAR extension set

For ETGAR building developer package

For creating distribution and terminal points on building properties.

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